Myriam is the only massage therapist I know who works deep enough to actually remove my muscle tension. Her approach is friendly and above all professional. I am an active girl who practises several sports and her skills perfectly fit my needs. I recommend her services especially to all athletes
She is the best! She perfectly know where the problem is. Thank you for being in my life xxx
It is now several years that Linda and I get on a regular basis Myriam’s massage therapy treatments. Her treatments are very effective and we always feel a great sense of well-being after each session. She is very attentive to her customers and strives to meet their needs (appropriate massage for pain / discomfort individuals). As the proverb says, ” Try it it’s adopt it. ”Myriam Bravo!
Linda Dubé & Yvon Senechal
’I began to see Myriam because I had many problems with my neck and trapezius, I jammed regularly. After a few treatments and good advice, I am now healed. I still continue to see Myriam, because she is very professional and has good strength which make her treatments unique and effective!
Karine 31yr old nurse
Needing a versatile workout program for the gym and the house, Myriam was able to build me a custom program to meet my needs accompanied by clear explanations. Her professional and personalized services have managed to exceed my expectations. Thank you Myriam .
Marie-Claude Brisson
’As a massage therapist, there’s no better! With my work in construction, my lower back and neck ached a lot. I decided to go to the chiropractor, who instructed me to combine with massage therapy treatments. Going to see Myriam helped me a lot, even sometimes more than going to chiro! Think twice, it is your health after all! One visit and you will undoubtedly be convinced. She has the expertise, professionalism, and she knows what she’s doing! I challenge you not to go back !!
’For several years, Myriam is the contact person when I have muscular injuries related to sports. Rare are massage therapists who are able to massage as strong and deep. After finding Myriam, I no longer need to look for anyone else, it is to her that I trust!

Myriam Bergeron

Member of : FQM , Quebec college of Naturopathy and ACTMD

Professionnel training

  • Bachelor of massokinesiotherapy and kinesiology

  • Certificate in athletic therapy

  • Naturopathy

  • Kinesiotaping

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